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Harmonica school new course: 55 licks to expand your horizons

New harmonica course > Expand your horizons with 55 new licks: Swing, Country, Rock, Reggae, Blues, Pop and Bluegrass.

Online harmonica school course: Technique develoment with 20 exercises

Online harmonica school course > Technique development with 20 exercises. Acquire speed, agility, and precision with this new online harmonica class.

The Bending gym - Harmonica course

Online harmonica school course > This is the course specially designed for you to refine your harmonica bending skills.

New online harmonica course description: The music style explorer

Online harmonica school course > The music style explorer is the newest course to approach music in different possible ways. You'll study 6 songs that I’ve specially designed for you and included in this course.

New online harmonica course - blues harp workout

2nd position Blues Workout for intermediate players > This course has been designed for intermediate level harmonica students, who know how to use the bending technique, but at the same time they wish to improve the way they used to play the blues in second position.... 

New blues harmonica course - 3rd position minor blues playing

New online blues harmonica course > This new course has been created to teach you how to work on minor blues and minor songs. Learn the minor 3rd position with the interactive lessons...

Online harmonica course: learn to play harp in 5th position on minor tunes and blues

New harmonica online course > With this new online series of lessons, you will master how to play harmonica, in fifth position on minor blues, as well as on minor tunes in general. Learn today a very effective way to perform with your harp.

Improvisation class for upper beginner-intermediate harmonica players

Complete 1st position improvisation for Upper Beginner and intermediate harmonica players > With this course, upper beginners and intermediate players can benefit of our innovative methodology, lerning and practising improvisation on different chord progressions. In these lessons, blues but not only blues, also country and a more modern tunes. You will learn how to improvise, and once you have learned you will be able to di it on every musical style.

Blues harmonica course: vamping and train imitation

Online harmonica course > Playing chords and melodies together on harmonica is known as 'Vamping'. In this new course, beginner and intermediate harmonica players will learn to play accompanying their own selves - in other words, focusing entirely on 'Solo harmonica playing’. In this course you will also learn to imitate the train sound with your harp.

Online harmonica course: classic blues solos

Online blues harp course > A classic harmonica blues solo collection, learn 15 great songs from Little Walter, Big Walter Horton, Howlin' Wolf, Slim Harpo, Sonny Terry.

Online harmonica course: Slim harpo study

Online blues harp course > A new online harmonica course, we will teach you how to play one of the greatest classic harmonica solo: Slim Harpo 'Baby scratch my back'. In this course you will learn also a bonus improvised chorus.

New harmonica lessons: Little Walter solo study

Learn alongside the masters series > Opening a new series of lessons, to give you the opportunity to learn how to play some of the greatest harmonica solos of the history of the blues harp. This time, we'll study a Little Walter solo: My babe.

Harmonica Students' Companion Book

This is a precious book for every harmonica student, a journey through the most important topics that characterize the quality of learning.


Nick B, Pittsburgh (Pensylvania)
I was stuck playing the same blues licks over and over until finally, I found something to expand my musical vocabulary. What I was missing is right here: learning various music genres and the technical exercises to go with them. Many courses out there teach you how to play blues – here, I’m finally learning to play music. Highly recommended. I also like that for most of the courses, you pay only once and don’t have to subscribe to recurring charges.

Nichalos Waddington, Montana
Harmonicalearning.com has been a great course for me. Six months in and I can bend, play different melodies, and not just play some 12 bar blues but learning theory with it. If you want to improve your playing, or if you are a beginner wondering where you should go you don’t have to look any further. This school is a all around good experience. With diversity and great
explanation Steve Rogers is the teacher for you.

Adam B, Canada
Over the past years, I tried everything available for learning harmonica – the free lessons and the paid courses. This school is quite new but it has enormous potential. I recommend closely observing the structure of the courses and the variety on offer, which in my humble opinion is without equal. I’m working on the Bending Gym course now and the results are coming quick.

Jerry Zaferatos - West Virginia
This is a fantastic Harmonica program with great training reinforcements built into its teachings!

Castaño Humberto, Colombia
A mis casi 70 años de edad y luego de 4 años perdidos tratando de sacar algunas notas consistentes de la armonica, me encontré con el maestro Steve y por fin se cumplió mi sueño de adentrarme en el estudio de este hermoso instrumento, con un método ameno y consistente, donde se aprende la técnica y las bases musicales y ademas sin ninguna dificultad idiomatica.

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