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Great Play-along Material! - Nick B, Pittsburgh (Pensylvania) 
I was stuck playing the same blues licks over and over until finally, I found something to expand my musical vocabulary. What I was missing is right here: learning various music genres and the technical exercises to go with them. Many courses out there teach you how to play blues – here, I’m finally learning to play music. Highly recommended. I also like that for most of the courses, you pay only once and don’t have to subscribe to recurring charges.

Right to the point of what I needed - Mark A, UK
I got a discount coupon from a friend and wanted to try this new school. At first, I was a little skeptical, because the method is quite different from anything I had seen before on the internet. But after three months, I can say that if I’d received that coupon before, I would have saved tons of time and even some money. The method works well.

Finally I'm improving - Adam B, Canada
Over the past years, I tried everything available for learning harmonica – the free lessons and the paid courses. This school is quite new but it has enormous potential. I recommend closely observing the structure of the courses and the variety on offer, which in my humble opinion is without equal. I’m working on the Bending Gym course now and the results are coming quick.

The seven elements that help you learn harmonica

Blues, Rock, Country, Folk, Pop, Swing? How would you like to express your soul?

Imagine how much fun and satisfaction you can get from your harmonica once you mastered it!

With my courses, you learn to play music. I provide study material that transforms your way of thinking, and once you have the right mindset, you'll play with no limit. It will take time and practice, but it works. GUARANTEED!

Choose your course, practice and enjoy your progress!
Start to play the harmonica with my
innovative teaching methodology.

At the school you'll find Multi-Style curriculums to unleash your harmonica potential.


360 Degrees harmonica learning - Nichalos Waddington, Montana
Harmonicalearning.com has been a great course for me. Six months in and I can bend, play different melodies, and not just play some 12 bar blues but learning theory with it. If you want to improve your playing, or if you are a beginner wondering where you should go you don’t have to look any further. This school is a all around good experience. With diversity and great explanation.

Huge variety of Play-along lessons - Bill G, Colorado
If you like videos where the teacher talks for ten minutes and then you have to play by yourself whatever they showed, this school might not be for you. If instead, you want something that makes you practice with progression and effectiveness, you’ll love this method, and the results are guaranteed. Steve has been capable of bringing the ‘old style proven methodology’ to modern-era tools like your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Still, if you need assistance, the teacher is always happy to answer your questions.

Great practice methodology - Jerry Zaferatos - West Virginia
This is a fantastic Harmonica program with great training reinforcements built into its teachings!

Muy bueno - Castaño Humberto, Colombia
A mis casi 70 años de edad y luego de 4 años perdidos tratando de sacar algunas notas consistentes de la armonica, me encontré con el maestro Steve y por fin se cumplió mi sueño de adentrarme en el estudio de este hermoso instrumento, con un método ameno y consistente, donde se aprende la técnica y las bases musicales y ademas sin ninguna dificultad idiomatica.

Today, thanks to internet, we have the possibility of studying harmonica even from a distance and in this regard, lessons delivered via video calls find no match. For those who need guidance for their studies but don't want to opt for a 1 to 1 lesson; an alternative could be to select online courses, that come with structured and progressive study programs.

harmonicalearning.com courses give you the opportunity to maintain a high level of efficacy in the form of ' interactive lessons'; an innovative system which we have endeavoured to keep simple and straight forward as it should be.

While creating the courses, we have streamlined a few suggestions and guidelines which must not be overlooked, especially if you don't get facilitated directly by a real time teacher:

To know exactly what to practise every day: The student should optimize his/her time by using it only for practice, without distraction, and avoiding searching for such material that he/she doesn't always know yet how to use.
To choose a suggested progressive path: As the difficulty level for study may tend to increase, therefore, the elements that cause a lot of waste of time for beginners must be eliminated; for example, if they try to learn something that is way too difficult for their expected level of potential so far.
• Practicing technical exercises: We learn music by listening and copying our preferred artists, meanwhile, if we continue practice for technical exercises too, we'll learn faster and way better. That's why every harmonicalearning.com lesson comes with variety of exercises and not just study songs.
To follow a diverse study program: The ideal way to learn a musical instrument fully is to expand awareness on different styles and exposure of multiple musical genres which will enrich the technical background of the musician.
To grasp simple theoretical notions: If you grab basic music rules, the study of the instrument will give you in-depth and viable knowledge.
Keeping up the good habit of practice after listening: Playing something right after listening to it is a fundamental and crucial feature of learning it the best way. All exercises and songs included in study program of harmonicalearning.com allow its students to play alongside teacher by using a metronome. Such practice is surely a great way to make up for the lack of spontaneous feedback as in case of interactive or real-time lessons.
Using metronome: One of the many things that often occur when you teach music, is that during the lesson the student follows teacher's instructions and performs exercises with metronome but once home, the learner plays without the help of this precious tool. The result is sheer addition to the list of players who are unable to manage the time! To prevent this from happening, all lessons included in courses on the harmonicalearning.com, make effective audio and visual use of metronome.

Everyone at the harmonica school will find a suitable place at the appropriate level. As you follow the courses, you will learn to play progressively in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th position. You will learn solo pieces, how to perform chugging, do train imitations and execute chordal playing. Both minor and major modes are explored in the lessons, as well as playing the blues.

You will refine your bending skills during the “Harmonica Bending Gym” course, as well as perform beautiful solos by harmonica masters like Little Walter and Slim Harpo in the “Learn alongside the masters” course designed for this purpose.

The “Improvisation Course” will teach you how to improvise with the harp with useful theoretical knowledge. To complete your harmonica learning path, you will explore different music styles with the special course, “Styles Explorer”.

You will find a detailed description of every course on the single course pages, below on this page you can select your actual harmonica playing level to see the best courses for you

Do you want some numbers? Join and you can study today:

More than 10 specific courses from the beginner to upper - intermediate level.

More than 130 written lessons.

More than 370 progressive exercises assisted by a visual and auditive metronome. Each exercise will be performed via the ‘Listen and repeat’ methodology. You can also download the tabs.

More than 80 PDF documents to download, with lesson transcriptions, exercises and songs tabs.

More than 30 songs in major and minor modes, as well as the blues. Each comes with a backing track and a slow version. You’ll learn to play and you will be able to perform any song you like easily!

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