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What's new on harmonica learning
AGC Custom harmonicas

I'm proud to show on my pages some AGC custom harmonicas and gear by André Coelho. Let's discover these great products!

A suzuki double bass harmonica

Discover everything about the bass harmonica. Which models can you find out there? Which are the origins of these instruments and what’s the best way to play them?

Mouth organs: The article

In this new article, we’ll talk about the mouth organ. What is it, how to play it, which type of instrument you can find, and what’s the correct way to call each model in its family.

Genuine leather custom harmonica cases from Italy

Welcome to my posts dedicated to harmonica accessories.Today, I want to introduce you to a product of excellent quality, manufactured by a craftsman who lives in the south of Italy. His name is Fabio, and on this page, you can observe the beauty of his harmonica cases. 

Harp silve bullet dynamic special microphone

Harp Silver Bullet Dynamic Special > A handmade bullet mic for your harp...

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