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Custom design harmonica

Are you looking for a distinct and unique model of harmonica? Do you wish to buy whole lot of harmonicas and aim to play something special. If you find yourself in this situation it means that you are curious enough to know more about these little instruments. If I talk about myself, l'm just like that; I like surfing the web, looking for handmade objects that satisfy not only my eyes but also my ears. There are a bunch of really cool and customized creations available and if you exhibit a little bit patience, you can unsurprisingly find some genuine stuff.

Have you ever seen a hand carved ivory shell harmonica? How it feels like to play a wooden harmonica and the one with stones on it? What about getting one with a comb made out of marble or with a frame of some rare wood coming from a remote and wild forest? During one of my research sessions, I found an online picture album shared by a french harmonica manufacturer, and if you take a look at his collection, in every single image you will feel his passion to design and create those small musical instruments, and the way they are skillfully presented. This is termed as ‘still art’, giving life to objects.

The name of this designer (I would call him artist) is Phyllitis and he lives in a very small french village called Sarragachies. I couldn’t help asking him if I could grab some of his pictures and display them in the world of harmonica. l'm pretty much sure that you will certainly like these handcrafted jewelry and will appreciate the way they are showcased with some very nice picturesque ideas. In Phyllitis Collection you can find several different models of harmonica, with some really cool shapes, materials and polish.

Not to mention that these harmonicas are justified to be entitled as originals, mainly due to their certain properties .i.e. the notes layout in particular and the working principle most importantly. You will find some gadgets with more than 10 holes, others that can be played chromatically, and also some models with specific notes layout as the diminished 

‘Shéhérazade’ which you may observe here:

Custom harmonica Shéhérazade

Let's take a closer look at a couple of these wonderful harmonica models: the 'Bobber Harp'  and the 'Smaug le Doré'.

The Bobber harp: This diatonic Richter harmonica is first and the only 'in drawer' floating box with spring, a perfect projection and multilateral air circulation in the world. Being totally chargeable (at its back) makes it an exclusive Phyllitis Harmonica art system without a shadow of doubt. You can change various reed plates without any tools. One-piece cowl in Ebony and Olive tree wood, decorated with an embossed golden bobber-style motorcycle, gold leaf and a watch mechanism on the upper part. The base is made with hand-chiselled polished bone.

All these features make this harmonica a really exceptional creation.

Bobber harp has 13 holes and it brings along a 4 octaves notes extension using the famous Brendan Power 'Lucky 13' model reed plates. The ornamental motorcycle is hand painted with decorative plaster.

Bobber Harp custom harmonica

Particulars of the decorative plaster: a hand painted motorcycle design present on the cover of Bobber harmonica.

The bobber harp harmonica decoration

Details of the watch mechanism on the Bobber shell.

Bobber harmonica custom detail

The 'Smaug le Doré' chromatic harmonica: This instrument takes the Brendan Power "MK1" concept combining it with Phyllitis'ergonomic, materials and looks. A chromatic harmonica capable of playing up to 42 notes, without needing bending skills. The lower reed plate slides use magnetic principle which brings you additional draw and blow bends, to get those notes that are missing normally on a standard diatonic harp.

Custom harmonica 'smaug le doré'

l'm sure you are curious about Phyllitis creations by now, and if you want to know more about his harmonicas, click on the following pictures to gain access to his album:

Phyllitilis design harmonica creations album

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