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Harmonica lesson on how to read tabs

Tabs, musical scores and enhanced tabs > A lesson to learn everything about harmonica tabs, those little diagrams that represent the draw and blow hole numbers that you have to use to play a song. 

Mary Jane's Last dance harmonica lesson with tabs

Do you want to learn how to play Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty on the harmonica? This is the lesson you need! You’ll study the licks and practice with the play-along videos with tabs. Join me and learn this beautiful song.

Allelujah by Leonard Cohen harmonica lesson with tabs

A lesson to learn playing Hallelujah on the harmonica. Practice with the videos, download the tabs and backing track, and learn how to perform the licks that compose this beautiful song.

Silent Night harmonica lesson with tabs

Learn how to play one of the most beautiful Christmas songs on the harmonica, Silent Night. Practice alongside the videos with tabs and learn what’s behind the song.

Heart Of Gold harmonica lesson with tabs

Learn to play Heart Of Gold by Neil Young on the harmonica with this lesson. Enjoy practicing the song licks via the play-along video, and play on the backing track.

Learn to play Amazing Grace on harmonica - Lesson with tabs

Learn to play the song that every harmonica player knows, Amazing Grace! Practice the wonderful melodies and start improvising too.

Learn to play Happy Birthday on harmonica

Join me in this lesson, where I’ll teach you how to play Happy Birthday, together with some really cool variations of it. Amaze your friends and family with your harmonica skills at the next birthday party!

Learn to play Love Me Do on harmonica - Lesson link

If you want to learn to play Love Me Do by the Beatles on harmonica, this is the lesson for you. I’ll teach you everything about the song and you will practice it using the videos with tabs.

Jurassic Park harmonica lesson logo

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you how to play the main theme of Jurassic Park on harmonica. We will analyze the melodies and play on the backing tracks too. Join me and learn this wonderful piece!

How to play piano man on harmonica lesson with tabs

Join me in this lesson and learn how to play Piano Man on harmonica. Take benefit of my school play-along methodology to improve your playing faster and better.

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