Welcome to my posts dedicated to harmonica accessories.Today, I want to introduce you to a product of excellent quality, manufactured by a craftsman who lives in the south of Italy. His name is Fabio, and on this page, you can observe the beauty of his harmonica cases.

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The workshop.

My passion for leather is what inspired me to open an artisan workshop, retracing the path that my grandparents took. Although the times aren’t favorable for craftsmen, after several other work experiences, I have gained the belief that it’s worth maintaining the tradition of Italian manufacturing.

The leather I use.

The leather I use is one of the flagships of Made in Italy – genuine Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather. Produced in Central Italy, it comes from livestock destined for the food supply chain. In this way, the "waste" is tanned with roots, leaves, and bark rather than with chemical additives, hence the term "vegetable-tanned". Definitely eco-friendly, the technique goes back to prehistoric times to produce a unique product that delights in terms of both touch and smell.

The leather covers.

The bluesharp has always fascinated me. While I was quarantined dueto COVID-19, I finally got to buy one and try to play. While listening to the characteristic metal vibrations produced by the harmonica, I realized that the instrument you love shouldn’t have a standard case made of plastic! I wanted to make a worthy home for such a small instrument, which follows you wherever you go and shares a part of your life. So, I self-produced my first custom leather harmonica case, refining the techniques using the best leather. This is how my harmonica cases made of fine Tuscan leatherwere born.

Genuine leather case - A combination of glossy dark brown leather and light leather

Model 1: A combination of glossy dark brown leather and light leather. Decorated and sewn by hand using thedouble-needle technique.

Model 1 custom harmonica leather case - detail 1
Model 1 custom harmonica leather case - detail 2
Light leather model harmonica case

Model 2: Made of light leather usually used by saddlers. Decorated and sewn by hand using the double-needle technique.

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