New harmonica lessons: Little Walter, My Babe solo study

This course opens up a series of workshops for you to learn how to play some of the greatest classics of blues harmonica.

These lessons are intended for students pertaining to intermediate level, who not only know how to use the bending technique but they are also familiar with the typical articulations of tongue blocking such as slaps and pulls.

On this particular occasion, we ll conduct pragmatic evaluation of the solo  performed by one of the great fathers of harmonica: Little Walter, in his song entitled ‘My Babe’.

First of all, we’ll practise both choruses together that constitute a solo followed by its analysis in terms of musical phrases, and you’ll be playing along side me, first using a metronome and then on the backing track.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve the way you are used to playing harmonica, with the songs that made history once, in the world of this instrument.

Today you can take advantage of studying through our powerful training method, i.e. ‘listen and repeat’.

A few words about this Little Walter song:

My Babe’ was a No. 1 rhythm & blues hit for Chicago blues singer-harmonica player Little Walter in 1955 on Chess Records’ subsidiary.

Checker label. With Robert Jr. Lockwood’s memorable guitar riffs propelling the arrangement, songwriter-producer Willie Dixon took an old spiritual with the line ‘This train is bound for glory, this train,’ and reworked it as ‘My babe don’t stand no cheatin’, my babe.’

During the same period, Ray Charles had also brought gospel into the blues with ‘I Got a Woman,’ as part of the process that eventually led to what we know as soul music.

Walter had recorded an early attempt at ‘My Babe’ in 1954, but the song only came to fruition when Walter went back into the studio with Dixon, Lockwood and drummer Fred Below on January 25, 1955.

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