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This learning material is meant to help you move a BIG step forward in your harmonica journey. The course is dedicated to intermediate and upper-intermediate players who want to develop agility, speed, and precision.

The lessons are developed around the concept of deliberate practice, practicing something while keeping in mind the goal we want to achieve and the benefits this specific practice brings. For this kind of exercise, I wanted to create chord progressions on which to play, which will make the practice more fun and contextualized in terms of execution. This way, not only you will be improving your technical skills on the harmonica, but at the same time, you’ll also become a more conscious musician, since the exercises have the form of small pieces of music covering several styles: blues, rock, swing, country, and bluegrass, among others. It could be said that we’re studying a hybrid practice model, a cross between a short song and a technical dictation. Each study is composed of 8 measures, so you’ll learn not only a bounce of licks, but also some small pieces in which you’ll manage to play for a fair amount of time, developing your focusing capabilities.

In following this course, you’ll practice patterns, scales, licks, rhythm, bending, and everything you need to become a better executor of music and a good improviser. Of course, you’ll play also shakes, flutters, and other harmonica articulations. All the above are required tools if you want to be proficient and reactive when playing.

Every exercise in this course is executed on backing tracks so that you’ll be motivated to keep up with the tempo. You’ll also practice different harmonica playing positions and on both major and minor keys.

The harmonica used in the video lessons is in the A key. However, you can learn the exercises with any harmonica you own if you don’t want to use the backing tracks. As usual in my courses, everything comes with tabs and slow video versions to help you learn with ease and comfort.

Get on board now and unleash your harmonica potential!

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