Harmonica lessons - Improvisation

Through this course, both, the advanced level beginners as well as intermediate players might benefit from the innovative methodology it exhibits; besides practising to learn improvisation on different chord progressions. Although blues constitute a great deal to music but country and some other modern tunes also contribute to melodies. I will teach you how to improvise and you'll be able to manouever it in every musical aspect - once you've learned it.

It's important to grab not only the concepts involved in improvisation but also those which are prevalent meanwhile songs' composition whether it's linked with different key analysis, harmonization or the notes hierarchy. This course lets you access more than 50 licks for practice; nonetheless, it's not about learning licks only, it's about how to generate them in your brain first before playing them spontaneously and also knowing what effect they are going to bring to the listener.

This course was developed in 7 weeks. Each week, you'll be presented with one module, therafter you'll get entitled for the previledges of clearly explained lessons, transcriptions that you may donwload and audio clips too, but moreover, you'll get the opportunity to practise a powerful improvisation training exercise - called 'masking' - alongside your teacher.

In the last week we are going to initiate a complete three-chorus improvisation solo incorporating the learnt skills. We'll analyze each chorus to get comprehensive knowledge as how and where to apply all the things discussed during the course.

This is not a simple 'how to improvise blues harp' course; it goes much farther leading you to become a different musician.

What are the pre requisites to start this course.

C diatonic harmonica.

Its required of learner to show capacity of playing single notes on all harmonica extensions.

A little bending capacity would be appreciated but it's not mandatory; the exercises have been designed such that they are playable on different octaves, however, you may avail the freedom of replacing a bent note with a natural one amid practising

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