Harmonica school - The bending gym course

This course is dedicated to intermediate level students, who know how to use the bending technique but at the same time they wish to boost up their performance, particularly for playing bent notes in the context of phrasing, so as to gain enhanced dexterity and fluency. Let’s sum up by saying that it’s time to make music from those notes which you’ve spent many months to excel in!

On the internet, you’ll find many articles and videos that explain how to play the notes with bending, but this course gives you all that you can wish for to refine your technique on both draw and blow notes by providing you with more than 30 licks specially designed for this purpose. We’re going to practise on 2 or 3 holes at one time, and then we’ll combine them all in the last section of this course, where you’ll perform all the possible bending on a harmonica over a song which I’ve exclusively composed for you.

The licks I’ve prepared for this course, require you to play in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 12th position, and I’ll explain the purpose of each bent note to you, in terms of lick and position; e.g. you’ll learn that you get an F sharp when you play hole 2 draw half step bend on a C harmonica, making it possible for you to not only play a D major scale or arpeggio but also an E minor scale! A little bit of theory in conjunction with practice will surely enhance your learning outcome!

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