Harmonica course: vamping and train imitation


Harmonica vamping and Train Imitation? This is the harmonica course for you!

In this new course, besides beginner level students who are apt in playing either single notes or some chords on a harmonica, students of intermediate level will also learn to play harp in a fun way - which is, actually, none other than accompanying their own selves - in other words, focusing entirely on 'Solo harmonica playing’.

As a matter of fact, one major priviledge we get entitled to - as soon as we opt to play harmonica - is its capability of playing up to 10 notes simultaneously, and once we get to know a couple of simple but effective techniques, we are all set to play chords and melodies together, on it.

This form of playing is termed as 'Solo Harmonica' or 'Vamping'. In this very course, we'll also focus on 'how to produce sound of a train with a harmonica', owing to the fact that this type of execution is closely linked with 'Vamping'.

All of the exercises that you'll practise here gradually, in this series of lessons, will assisst you to reach a level where you'll become capable of creating your own songs; by using different rhythms, styles of 'Chugging' and melodies.

Throughout all the six sections of this course, you'll study more than 50 vamping patterns, besides performing a complete tune of 'solo harmonica' alongwith a 'train song'.

If you are fortunate enough to generate notes with bending technique, you might be able to make more complex yet interesting combinations, but what if you are unsuccessfull in carrying out this altogether? Don't worry! This course will enable you to play 'Vamping' whether you were unable to use the bent notes in the first place or you simply didn't want to execute it at all.

Some words about the ‘Solo harmonica song’:

I've made the most of all the techniques I teach you in the exercise section, to shape up this song. The general idea on how to develop a tune is what works behind in creating these choruses. Producing a song isn't just about combining licks, you need to have a clear picture in your mind so that you know exactly where to start from and what you are heading for. Once you will have followed my instructions through out all the exercises, you'll be familiar with the phrase, 'how to get there…' 

The musical phrases, for most of the songs, are developed on the G pentatonic scale. This scale is really effective for playing in second position. I rarely used, for this song, bent notes to extend the possibility, for beginner players, to master this tune.

The train song:

You will learn this song that consists of four choruses, and it takes its shape by combining most of the techniques presented in the course. What I've also provided you is a slow version of both, the song and the backing track, so you are required to work on it starting at a slower pace and then increase it when you feel comfortable.

The tune exists in G major and you'll play it on the C harp in 2nd position.

Did you hear the whistle? Our old steam train is ready to leave, what are you waiting for? All Aboard!

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