Harmonica playing technique and learning articles. Everything you need to know to play better the ten-holes blues harp. The teacher shares useful tips for you to learn faster.

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How to learn harmonica with a good study plan

Let's discuss a couple of topics about harmonica: song memorization and stage performances: read the article here.

How to learn harmonica with a good study plan

In this article, I'll show you how to seriously learn to play harmonica, in three years, with a complete and progressive study plan.

A lesson on ear training, song transcription and improvisation

Do you want to learn how to transcribe your favorite songs and create tabs for harmonica? Would you love to be able to improvise on your instrument and understand everything you listen to from others? This lesson is focused on that topic: the relationship between ear training, musical theory, improvisation skills, and song transcription. Welcome to my online harmonica school!

Tips form a teacher about how to play harmonica  – do i have to move my head or just my hands?

Do I have to move my head when I perform a shake or just the harmonica? Can I improve my fast licks by playing with some lip movements? What’s the best way to play well without wasting energy? Read the article!

Get to know how a real harmonica lesson with a teacher works

Do you want to learn how to play the harmonica, and would you like to know what it’s like to take a real lesson with a qualified teacher? Can’t decide whether to go for a 30-minute class or a more complete 1-hour one? Read this article!

Harmonica and air management - the learning tips

Harmonica learning tips – Today we'll talk about harmonica and breathing. Learning to manage the air is one of the most important aspect to focus on when you play the harmonica.

Harmonica learning tips  – music, martial arts, and discipline

Harmonica learning tips – The topic I want to discuss today is about the similarities between learning to play harmonica and learning a martial art. What do these two disciplines have in common? Read on and you’ll discover the answer!

Harmonica learning tips from a teacher – is learning to play another instrument an advantage?

Harmonica learning tips from a teacher – is learning to play another instrument an advantage?

To learn harmonica – Fighting procrastination and loss of motivation

Learn harmonica better with the teacher's tips: let's discuss how to fight procrastination and loss of motivation...

A painful visage

Two little inconveniences a new harmonica player could face with > Saliva production management and cut lips, how to deal with these small issues...

A band with a harmonica player

Learn how to accompany a singer, a guitar player, or how to integrate your harmonica playing in a band > Three powerful techniques you should learn...

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