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Do you feel that every time you spend more, you gain more? Is this the same when learning to play a musical instrument like the harmonica? Is an expensive course or private lessons always better than cheap ones? Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you to answer these questions. My name is Steve and I’m a harmonica teacher – welcome to my blog.

The cost of an online course or private lesson depends on several factors: the expenses for the online platform, for the production of videos and tabs, for the hours of work it takes to create the lessons. Then there are costs strictly related to the teacher – for example, the cost of living where they do and the expenses they have to bear to support their family. They might be able to devote all their time to teaching or they could have to work a second job. For the same quality of lessons, doing this job in New York costs a lot more than doing it in Calcutta. When you evaluate something, you shouldn’t blindly think that more expensive equals better.

As with all situations in life, when it comes to spending our money, we try to carefully assess the value of what we’re going to get in exchange. After all, if we’re not rich, it’sfair to want to hand over the fruits of our labor – money – toward something valuable. With this choice, there are several factors that come into play, some of which are related to our own beliefs but others that are about collective perception. There’s the saying,“the more you spend, the less you spend” – but do you think it’s always like that, or do you ever get the suspicion that sometimes, this belief is just a way of getting you to pay more? 

Let me tell you a story. I used to shop in a large supermarket in my area, and I was fine with that until one day, a new supermarket opened closer to my home. This new store was part of a discount chain, and I had often heard that these kinds of shops sold inferior-quality food and other items. Still, being a careful person who cared a lot about the right value of work and money, I wanted to see if there really was a major difference in quality. I made my shopping list and went to the new store to buy exactly the same things I would have bought in the other one. Of course, the brands were different, but the basic product types were the same: pasta, bread, meat, crackers, beer, etc.

When I went to the cashier, I found that I had spent 40% less than in the usual store – instead of the usual 50 euros, I’d spent 30. At that point though, I knew I still had to check if the items were actually good – so I consumed the products during the week and realized I didn’t feel any difference. I can’t know what was inside the products, but I had no issues and liked the taste, so I changed shop. For 5 years now, I’ve spent half the price on groceries and am completely satisfied. When I talk to some people in the area, they say they continue to go to the department store where I went before because the quality is better, and I don’t try to convince them otherwise.

Well, what does all this have to do with learning how to play the harmonica? Simply put, when evaluating the value of a private lesson or online course, don’t just stop thinking at the price and the fact that the name of the person or business is well-known or not. Instead, open your mind and try something new – you might be pleasantly surprised! Happy playing.

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