Welcome to this free harmonica online lesson! You decided you want to learn how to play the harmonica and, while looking on the internet for information and tutorials now you would like to know how much time this will take. This is exactly what I’m going to explain in this article.

By the time now you must have made up your mind that you want to learn how to play harmonica. You would be surfing the internet for further information and tutorials and you would also be curious to know as how much time will be required to become proficient. This exactly would be the central point of this article.

We are now going to focus on a very important aspect which is valid in every learning area, no matter you talk about learning something other than playing a musical instrument, it is valid for every learning context. Keep reading and prepare yourself for the journey!

If you ask me how long does it take to learn how to play the harmonica? I would certainly answer that it depends on many factors that come into play: your personal predisposition, the knowledge of musical theory or another musical instrument, and the ability of one's own ear. More important than anything is how you practice, what you study and in what sequence?

You should know that often, behind someone who is defined as 'brought' for something, there is a lot of study, good mentors, and especially if the individual in question is apt to excel. Then it matters but little as what discipline he is learning. For instance, if you have the aptitude to practice deliberately, especially if you can concentrate on your goals and adhere to a particular timetable, you are less likely to be unsuccessful.

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On the contrary, if you are easily distracted and discouraged by the effort it takes rather deviate towards procrastination, then you are not fit for either the regular studies or the study of harmonica. When you learn something and you work well with perseverance, maintaining a minimum amount of daily practice, you improve your skills consistently, as a result you stay motivated to keep working.

Ok, but what about how much time it will take to learn how to play harmonica?

I'll put it this way: with a good study program, and when I say this I mean a progressive learning path, with clear instructions and someone that leads you, somewhere between 3 to 6 months are needed to play the first tracks. One year is the average time needed to master some additional techniques, and it takes several years to eventually become an expert player.

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