The online harmonica school monthly challenge for beginner and intermediate players.

Harmonica School contest - Play a song and win some school coupons

Welcome to the online harmonica school student’s challenge!

I’m happy to introduce you to my new harmonica school initiative: the FREE monthly contest, a chance for all the students of the school, and for anyone who wants to test themselves to play a new song every month and check their progress. Show your playing to other students and get feedback from the teacher.


Get access to the contest song tabs, audio clip and backing track.


Who can participate in the harmonica contest?
The harmonica contest is opened to all students and harmonica enthusiasts, beginner and intermediate level players are welcome. Each song will have a simple and more complex part, so that everyone can play at their level.

How does the harmonica contest work?
It’s very simple: Every month, in the first week, a song will be chosen, usually a song that is well known, to help participants play a familiar material. Once you sign up for the contest, you’ll have access to the song’s tabs, the audio clip where the teacher plays the song, and the backing track. During the month, you can practice playing the chosen song, and in the last week of the month, you will upload a video of you playing it (you can play the simple part for beginners or the complete version for intermediate level players).

What do the participants get at the end of the contest?
At the end of the month, three prizes will be drawn among the students that published their playing. Who wins the contest? Everybody! The spirit of this initiative is to promote learning and to practice having other players as a stimulus. It is not an arena, nobody will be judged, and every participant has the same possibility to get a prize. Today we live in a context where we are constantly in competition with others, but the spirit of the school of harmonica is also to promote music as a social base. That’s why the real challenge is with you!

How do I join the harmonica contest?
Joining the contest is FREE for everyone, you just have to sign up from this page. Once you are in, you’ll have access to the song’s material (audio and tabs) for your practice.

What kind of harmonica songs will the contest include?
Mostly well-known songs for harmonica will be chosen, with particular attention to those that really can help the harmonica player learn something, like phrasing, high-end note playing, playing in different positions like the first, the second, the third, the fifth, or the twelfth.

What harmonica should I use for the contest?
All the songs will be playable with a standard C harmonica.

What happens if I join the harmonica contest but I don’t send any video of me playing the song?
That would be absolutely ok! You can practice the song, and nobody wants to force anybody to do something they are not yet ready to do. I know that some students, especially in the beginning, are a little nervous about showing their playing; for this reason, I encourage you to practice until one day, you’ll desire to show your progress. I guarantee you that this will happen as soon as you gain confidence with the instrument. We have all been there, and we know how it works.

How do I post my video for the contest?
You will post the video of you playing the song in the Facebook harmonicalearning.com school group. This is the address:


You can join my group anytime, even if you don’t participate in the contest. 
In the group, you’ll find an announcement post (those who stay on top of the page) with the contest song name and instruction. The videos will be posted as comments to the contest’s post.

If you don’t want to use Facebook, you can always send the video to me and decide if you want me to publish it in the group or not, whatever works for you, your participation in the course will not be affected, so you can earn the prizes the same!

Can I ask for feedback from the teacher before posting my video?
Sure, you can reach out and send me the video. I will be happy to give you feedback and suggestions if you want.

Will my video be published also on the harmonicalearning.com website?
Basically, the videos will be published on the Facebook group. However, I will keep the website updated with the song used in the contest every month and the name of the players who got the prizes. I don’t exclude we could also upload some video of you playing (if you agree to that).

What are you waiting for? Join us in the monthly harmonica contest and learn with fun! Click on the image to join the contest!

Online harmonica school contest - Learn a song ad win prizes


Get access to the contest song tabs, audio clip and backing track.

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