Free blues harmonica lessons at harmonica school

A great opportunity for beginners to learn 12 cool blues along with funky and swing harmonica licks. Try yourself this learning tool, featuring a high level of efficacy in the form of ' interactive lessons'; an innovative system which we have endeavoured to keep simple and straight forward as it should be.

Each of our video is a real 'training room', you don't just listen to the teacher, you play with him, listening and repeating immediately. No talking, just practising and learning. You get all the lessons explanation in the written form. is launching its now harmonica courses, and among the well structured study plans we will share several FREE courses to help you understand our methodology.  What you will learn during this small course includes 4 nice blues licks in 2nd position, 4 swing licks also in 2nd position, whereas 4 killer funky licks in 3rd position and this time, with a minor feeling. For each style, we'll learn the licks and we will play them in the context of a chord progression.

Indulge into lessons to discover nothing but sheer innovative and powerful methodologies integrated just for you to learn harmonica joyfully. You will notice how things turn out to be quite easy when you learn and play simultaneously - when you repeat after listening - and ultimately reaching the pinnacle of this sturdy process.

Blues has always been the king of styles when we talk about harmonica, and what further reassures it is that it only occurs after listening to the blues music, that the yearning to learn to play this musical instrument gets instilled into most of us and even grows stronger.

As this course aims for beginners, therefore, in order to yield the blues we'll use the notes which we can play without bending; using the pentatonic scale. The backing track lies in the key of G, moreover, we're going to use a C harmonica and play in second position.

For jazzists and musicians, who strive to improve their improvisation skills, swing reserves a special place among other renowned music. Jazz improvisation is a little tougher, though, than blues improvisation, but jazz has proven effects on boosting someone's improvising skills, making it evidently true if one happens to be a blues harp player. We will learn 4 swing licks and combine them into a ii-V-I jazz chords progression; a common sequence to jazz harmony often used to train improvisation. The key is G and we'll play in second position using a C harp.

Funky music is well known for its rhythm component. As a harmonica player, we can steal a lot from this musical genre to learn and incorporate into our playing. The funky D minor track will be used to combine the 4 funky licks. We'll play in 3rd position with a C harmonica.

As you will experience it yourself; i.e. learning with 'listen and repeat' approach is really valuable and joyous ; the use of the audio and visual metronome not only helps you keep up the tempo, but also enables you to equip yourself with just the right skills to perform later on the backing tracks or with a band.  - Privacy and Cookie Policy