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The house of the rising sun on harmonica lesson with tabs

Join me in this new play-along lesson and learn to play The house of the rising sun on harmonica. Practice the licks of this song on the videos with on-screen tabs and learn to improvise it too!

Allelujah by Leonard Cohen harmonica lesson with tabs

A lesson to learn playing Hallelujah on the harmonica. Practice with the videos, download the tabs and backing track, and learn how to perform the licks that compose this beautiful song.

Heart Of Gold harmonica lesson with tabs

Learn to play Heart Of Gold by Neil Young on the harmonica with this lesson. Enjoy practicing the song licks via the play-along video, and play on the backing track.

Learn to play Amazing Grace on harmonica - Lesson with tabs

Learn to play the song that every harmonica player knows, Amazing Grace! Practice the wonderful melodies and start improvising too.

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