The premium harmonica lessons will make you learn faster and better. Self-teach harmonica has never been so easy.

No more talking, just executing harmonica lessons!

With this series of lessons, you'll be directed to learn how to play music like some of the greatest solos produced by renowned harmonica players, we find in the history of this small instrument; for instance: 'the mississippi saxopone'. You may locate a tune tab in each lesson to practise alongside me via the interactive video.

In these lessons, together with some licks and tunes, I'm going to teach some technique oriented harmonica exercises to help you develop dexterity, speed, bending capabilities, besides some advanced features of tongue blocking technique. Watch the videos and learn with the tabs.

Among great harmonica masters who produced hit solos of all time, we're going to follow Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Slim Harpo and Big Walter Horton, just to name a few, moreover, we'll also work on different music styles like bluegrass, rock, country, blues and other modern genres as well.

Every week, you'll be updated with a new lesson. Just follow this page and stay tuned!

No more talking now, let's begin playing!


Tongue blocking harmonica lesson: learn to play 'one more day'

Harmonica tongue blocking lesson > How to play Slim Harpo 'One more time' solo...

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