Harmonica video clip page

Hi there, and welcome to my harmonica video clips page.

Here, you will find some of my improvisations, exercises that I practice myself and have my students practice, ideas about how to play the harmonica, and everything else I want to show you. I think everybody can get some benefit from watching other people play.

Everything you’ll see on this page is something you’re able to learn if you follow my harmonica school courses or study with me.

For each video, you will find the description, the harmonica key used, and the position in which I played. I hope you can take inspiration from what you see in these clips and add something to your harmonica playing skills. Enjoy!


Harmonica train imitation

One of the nicest things you can do on the harmonica is improvising train sounds. Here, I play a chugging pattern for the cruise phase and add some other sound effects like the steam and brake noises. The harmonica I used is in G key, in second position. 

Chicago sound minor improvisation

This is a B minor track, where I improvise using the third position on an A harmonica. The slow rhythm is perfect for this kind of melodic soul music. Third position is also perfect for minor playing – it takes some bending skills, especially on the low side of the harmonica, but it’s worth it!

Chicago sound blues shuffle improvisation

This is an improvisation on a classic E blues shuffle. The harmonica used is in the A key, and everything is played with the tongue blocking technique – the one I adopted for everything I play and teach to my students.

What's new on harmonica learning

Fifth position minor playing

If you like to play minor songs, fifth position is perfect. In this video, you can listen to a song I composed for my fifth position harmonica course at my online school. I think you’ll love this melodic feeling. The harmonica used is in C key and the track is in E minor.

Fast Boggie playing

In this video, I play a fast boogie I studied years ago with Steve Baker. The F harmonica has a high pitch that really screams on the quick musical sentences this track contains. Playing this song is quite a challenge!

Chicago style tongue blocking solo playing improvisation

In this video, I play a solo harmonica part with the tongue blocking technique. Bending is mandatory here, as are slaps and pulls. I play a G harmonica in second position.

Harmonica bending exercises on holes 1, 2 and 3

If you want to learn to play the blues, you should work on getting perfect bending with the first harmonica holes. With this powerful exercise, I have my students refine their bending skills. I use an A harmonica and play in second position.

Gospel harmonica improvisation

This is an improvisation I made one Sunday morning. It’s played on a C harmonica in second position. The fresh taste of this track always raises my spirits when I listen to it. Fast phrasing and rhythmic playing is what characterizes this improvised song.

Gipsy harmonica improvisation

I love improvising on this fast gypsy guitar rhythm. The harmonica is in C key and I perform in second position.

Soul harmonica improvisation

This is a cool B minor improvisation in third position on an A harmonica. The slow rhythm is perfect to play octaves that provide a heavier tone. I suggest watching the entire video here!

Sad and soulful harmonica improvisation

This is a really melancholic improvisation that showcases all the power of the third position for minor playing. I think this is one of the tracks I love the most. The harmonica is in A key.

Harmonica bending with wah wah effect

In this clip, I play a G harmonica in second position, showing some bending on the first harmonica holes and adding the wah-wah effect.

Another soul improvisation

This is another improvisation on a nice soul track. I use a C harmonica and perform in second position. You’ll watch me playing octaves, bending, and other tongue blocking articulations.

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