Hi there! are you thinking about taking some harmonica private lessons? This is the right place for you. My name is Luciano Guida.

I'm an accredited teacher since 2015, and I have gained years of experience in teaching to students from every corner of the world. I speak english, french, spanish and italian, so you ll find it really comfortable to talk with me regarding any issue. Above all I’m a harmonica lover and I treat my students as my friends. This is my story, as a teacher, as a musician and harmonica lover.

Luciano Guida, born in Milan in 1973, aka Lucky Slim. Began studying piano and music theory when he was eight years old, attending various conservatories and deepening his knowledge of Solfeggio and Setticlavio. In addition to the study of the piano, in adolescence he began to take an interest in electronic music, reading music and writing his first compositions.

After completing his advanced studies he dedicated himself to piano bar evenings throughout Lombardy, playing keyboards and singing in a duo with a singer guitarist named Fabio Castelli.

In adulthood, his passion for music grew which led him to study the alto saxophone for three years, exploring Jazz, Blues and Improvisation.

Luciano Guida - Buddy Guys Legend Chicago

When he discovered the Harmonica he fell in love with this small but great instrument and he studied with several teachers, among them, David Barrett and Steve Baker, two of the most recognized figures in the harmonica world.

With the harmonica Lucky Slim performed on stages of prestigious clubs such as the "Buddy Guys Legend" of Chicago, the "Mbas" of Melbourne, and again in London, Paris, Madrid, obtaining the approval of established musicians in the world.

After learning to master the diatonic harmonica, he studied the acoustic guitar for four years and decided to put the two instruments together, becoming one of the few in Italy to play the harmonica and guitar in a one man band show at a professional level. In recent years he has been studying modern singing to become the complete artist.

He currently dedicates himself to his musical show "Lucky Slim Music Show" offering live musical entertainment with different event formats. He teaches diatonic harmonica, guitar, music theory, and solfeggio with excellent results, transferring to his students, that great passion for music that led him to devote himself completely to this discipline.

Today, Luciano manages some important social avenues concerning the study of music, involving videos, articles and suggestions for all those who wish to explore what this wonderful world has to offer. His new online harmonica school, is offering online harmonica courses for every level, designed for those who decide to study alone but want to follow a well guided and progressive regime - that gives the opportunity to maintain a high level of efficacy in the form of interactive lessons, an innovative and effective system.

The online school is today providing many FREE harmonica lessons, covering topics like playing in different positions and performing different musical styles.

Luciano Guida at Kingson Mines - Chicago US
Luciano Guida - Milano Blues Challenge
Luciano Gudia - Melbourne Blues night, AU


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