Harmonica school offer - Get some 10 to 40 percent discount

Dear students! I’m happy to announce that at my school, you can now take advantage of the special “Bring a Friend” offer.

If you’re already studying one of my courses and are happy with my methodology, you now have the chance to recommend my school to your friends and receive a 40% DISCOUNT ON EVERY SCHOOL PRODUCT.

And there’s more! When you recommend my school to a friend, both you and your friend receive a discount!

How does the offer work? It’s simple!

When you first enroll in a paid course, you receive a personal COUPON code. You can give the code to your friends, and whenever someone buys a course using your code, both you and your friend get a discount. Your friend will get an immediate 10% discount on the course they purchase, and you will receive a 40% discount coupon code.

In order to receive the discount, your friend must use your personal code on the course checkout page.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the program:

Can I use my personal coupon code to get the 10% discount myself? Yes, you can use it whenever you want, but it’s far more beneficial for a friend to use it so that you get a double benefit: you’ll be making a gift to your friend and in return, will get a 40% in place of 10%.

What happens if the discount coupons are used on a monthly subscription course? The coupon is valid for each school course and will be automatically applied to every monthly payment. Not bad right?

How many times can my pin be used? Your personal coupon can be used up to 10 times. If you want to use it more, just send me an email and I can generate new coupons for you.

Can I give my 40% discount coupon to a friend? Sure! I have no doubt your friend will appreciate your generosity! Just be aware that in this case, you will not receive another 40% coupon.

What if i didn’t receive my personal coupon CODE? Can I ask for it? You can request your personal coupon sending an email to harmonicalearning@yahoo.com

Get on board now for your chance to learn while saving money and also help the school grow!

Online harmonica school

If you want to get to our school, click on the image here. You can enroll for FREE, receive your personal coupon CODE, and have a look at the course curriculums.