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Learn to play harmonica with an easy song: Shining triplets lesson

In today’s lesson, how promised, I’m going to teach you a cool minor easy harmonica song called ‘Shining Triplets’. In practising this tune, you will improve your 3rd position playing, you’ll play some arpeggios, and you’ll perform some triplets note formation. Long notes will be played with a sweet tremolo effect.

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This tune makes use of the minor 'dorian' scale that contains the notes: D, E, F, G, A, B and C. As we already now, these notes are the same as those that constitute the C major scale, so we are compelled to deduce that with a C harp, we can easily play in third position on a minor D song. That's why the third position is so successful!

I recorded this free lesson with a C harmonica, but you can practise and learn the song also on a different key harp, we are not using any backing track for this study session. In this tutorial I’m using a Hohner special 20 harmonica.

Song analysis:

Playing difficulty level: Beginner harmonica players.

Note bending skills: No bending required.

Lesson focus: You’ll practise playing the minor ‘dorian’ scale, focusing on the center and upper harmonica holes. With this tune we’ll work on phrasing, melodies shaping and notes targeting, building simple but effective licks using arpeggios. Single notes playing as usual is part of this training, in which you’ll practise also triplets and tremolo effect.

How to read the video lesson tab:

How to read the video lesson tabs:

One plus symbol means to blow the harmonica hole.

An apostrophe means to bend the note of a half-tone.

A double apostrophe means to bend the note of a whole-tone.

A triple apostrophe means to bend the note of three steps.

A dot before the notes means to use tongue blocking articulations.

^ means playing the note with a ‘dip’ bending.

R before a note means reaching that note with a glissando effect.

Sh means ‘shake playing’ or ‘warlbe’.

Ft means ’Flutter tungue’ techinque.

P means ‘Pull technique’.

V means ‘Vibrato effect’

Tr means ‘Tremolo effect’.

Following the song tabs:

4 5 6+ 6 6+ 5

6+ 6 5 4

4 5 6+ 6 6+ 5

6+ tr6

8 7+ 6 6+ 6 6+

7+ 6 6+ 6

6 6+ 5 5+ 5 5+ tr4

4 5+ 5 4 5+ 5

6+ 5+ 5 6+ tr6

4 5+ 5 4

6+ 5 5+ 5 tr4

Today you learned something new, a nice minor tune in 3rd position, in which you also practised playing triplets and arpeggios. I think you should have enjoyed working with my free lesson material, and if you want to improve your harmonica playing you’ll find a list of my online school harmonica courses here.

I’ll see you soon on these pages, keep harpin’!

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