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Easy harmonica chugging song for beginner players lesson

Welcome back to my blues harp school! In today’s lesson you are going to learn another easy chugging harmonica song, composed by one of my music friends for the beginner harmonica players that want to vamp on the harp. In the interactive video with tabs provided below on this page, you will play chords and melodies together, executing what is known as 'Solo Harmonica playing’, showing your self-accompaniment skills on the instrument. In addition, you’re going to perform some tongue blocking slaps and pulls, two common features of this great harmonica playing technique.

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The chord progression of this little tune is a standard 12 bars blues in the key of E. We are going to use an A harmonica for this lesson and we’ll play in 2nd position. This position, also known as ‘cross harps’ fits very well in playing blues, where we make use of dominant seventh chords, and the useful notes that form the seventh scale are already there on the harp for you. Once you are able to play some simple chords, adding between them some small melodies, you are ready to chug on your harmonica.

If you don’t have an A harp, you can use a different key harmonica, just follow the lesson and read the tabs.

The harmonica model I’m playing today is a Seydel 1847 classic.

Song analysis:

Playing difficulty level: Beginner harmonica players.

Note bending skills: No bending required for this lesson.

Lesson focus: Playing chords and melodies together, alternating rhythm and phrasing in second position. Tongue blocking tongue switch technique, slaps, pulls and triplet note combination execution.

How to read the video lesson tab:

How to read the video lesson tabs:

One plus symbol means to blow the harmonica hole.

An apostrophe means to bend the note of a half-tone.

A double apostrophe means to bend the note of a whole-tone.

A triple apostrophe means to bend the note of three steps.

A dot before the notes means to use tongue blocking articulations.

^ means playing the note with a ‘dip’ bending.

R before a note means reaching that note with a glissando effect.

Sh means ‘Shake playing’ or ‘Warble’.

Ft means ’Flutter tongue’ techinque.

P means ‘Pull technique’.

V means ‘Vibrato effect’

Tr means ‘Tremolo effect’.

Following the song tabs:

123x2 123+x2

12x2+ 2+

2 123 123+x2

12x2+ 4+

3 123 123+x2

12x2+ 2+

2 123 123+x2

123x2 4+ 3

4+ p4+ p4+ p4+ 3

4+ p4+ p4+ p4+ 3

2 123 123+x2

12x2+ 2+

34^ 123 123+x2

12x2 123+

1 4 .4 p

1 4 .4 p

1+ 4+ .4+ p

1+ 4+ .4+ 3

2 123 123+x2

12x2+ 2+ 3+ 2+

123x2 123+x2 123

Thanks for having joined me in this harmonica chugging lesson. If you want to improve your playing skills, enroll for free in my online school and have a look at the harmonica courses here.

I'll see you in a new lesson!

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